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If you like the big cities, its crowdsand you want to live and study in Istanbul, where history, civilization and trade, or any other big city like the capital, Ankara, just select the university and the specialization as our team will work to ensure your university admission to the university and the specialty that you want to study, Also, get great discounts through our office from private universities if you want to study in a private university.

Turkey, the country in which the civilization of the West and the East is mixed, includes thousands of Arab students enrolled in higher education institutions in it, and there are many advantages that have attracted students in Turkey, such as: cultural diversity, rich history, scholarships, and as part of education, in addition to the low cost of living. In it compared to other countries.

Turkey ranks among the world’s tourist destinations and ranks high in academic destinations as well. In recent years, Turkey has become a famous educational destination due to the prestigious universities available in it. The number of universities in it is 185, including 109 government universities in addition to a number of private universities, specialized institutes and others. From higher education institutions .

There are many housing options that the student can benefit from, in addition to the student dormitories provided by many Turkish universities on the university campus, there are also government housing available for students, with a variety of facilities available, and these dormitories are separate according to gender, and shared rooms and rooms are also available. Especially.
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