Sit for YÖS test .When you apply through our office in your country or in your country of residence, our office will help you to get the YÖS test The word (YÖS test) is the abbreviation for (yabancı uyruklu öğrenci sınavı,) which means “foreign students exam”, who hold the nationalities of second countries who are not Turks and do not hold Turkish citizenship and have a secondary education certificate inside or outside Turkey. Where some universities require the student to be a test certificate YÖS so that he can register in its colleges. As a result of the YÖS test, it has a major role in raising the average that the student obtained in his high school diploma, enabling him to apply to enroll in colleges with high rates such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and engineering, although there are many universities in Turkey that do not require the YÖS certificate, but the student who obtained it He has the advantage to be admitted into the colleges he desires. Contact us if you want to Sit for YÖS test .

How do I prepare for the YÖS test? Students can prepare for the YÖS test through the curriculum and several books in Turkish and English, which are spread in Turkish cities, and each topic has its own book. It may take three to five months to prepare for this test. Because of the importance of this test, there are many educational institutes that offer lectures on the Elios curriculum, but these lectures may take from 7-8 months if they are regular courses, or 4 months in the case of intensive courses .

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