Your tourist and educational guide
If you are admitted to the university through our office, you will enjoy our distinguished and free services that we will give you ,from receiving you at the airport until you get the right place for your stay , your stability and the imposition of all your services .

Who is the tour guide? The ideal answer is: The guide is the person who explains and guides tourists in the tourist and archaeological sites.

The Turkish tourist and educational guides are really ambassadors of the interior for their dear country, because they provide information that beautifies the heritage of Turkey .

as our team in Turkey will do the following :

The process of receiving you at the airport , finish your duties at the airport and taking you to the university will be through Zarman team that will stay with you until you get everything you want .

Zarman team helps you to get to know the university and finish the remaining university procedures.

Zerman team help you to get the best suitable student dormitory and make sure you feel comfortable in it .

Zerman team helps you to complete legal procedures inside Turkey, such as residencies and health insurance.

Zarman team in your country or in Turkey offers free consultations in the field of education and admission to Turkish universities. Contact us for more details . Zerman Your tourist and educational guide.

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