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What are the requirements for applying to Turkish universities?

1. A copy of the high school diploma with a good average or above
2. A copy of a valid passport
3. A personal photo
4.Yousus or Alsat certificate, if any.

Is studying in Turkish only?

Study differs in Turkish universities, as there are universities in which the language of instruction is Turkish, and others are taught in the English language. There are also some universities that combine the two Turkish languages ​​by 70% and English by 30%.

How much is enough for me to live in university cities?

Students differ in the way they spend, their behavior, and their lifestyle, and the cities in which they live have another effect. While some students suffice $ 200, some need $ 500 a month, but in general the study outside of large and crowded cities has cheaper living and better speed of movement.

Is it easy to get a visa?

In most cases, the visa to study in Turkey is easy, if the student meets the required conditions, but there is some stress by the Turkish embassy or consulates in some countries, due to negative precedents for students in these countries, if you are submitted through our office in your country, our office will analyze the obstacles by extracting A visa or counseling that enables you to obtain a visa easily.

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